To the People Who Taught Me to Love

Today we finished at the work site. It’s amazing how much we’ve accomplished as a group. It truly makes my soul happy to be part of a team, and our team worked so hard.

This whole week we have done the backbreaking work of shoveling, lifting gallon buckets of dirt across the site, hauling cinderblocks, mixing cement, laying blocks, and leveling the floors of classrooms.

Now, the walls of four classrooms are already rising…and we started with a ditch-outline 5 days ago.

After finishing at the site, we went to Villa Soleada for the final time to say goodbye.

On the way there, I wrote a note in Spanish that I later read to my host family from this summer, Ramon and Natalia.

It went like this:

Ramon y Natalia:

  I want to tell you how you have changed my life.

Together you give so much love to me, and that has taught me how to love.

You are not only like my family, you ARE my real family.

You give me strength.

I want to give thanks for all, and I want you to know that I am your daughter forever.

I want to return to Villa Soleada but I don’t know when I can.

I want you to know that you are in my dreams and heart when I am in the United States.

I love you.

It is very hard to say goodbye, so I will say, “See you later.”



The words in the letter were the things I had always wanted to say, and now they are finally shared. We cried together, and my parting words to Natalia were: “Hasta Luego,”

See you later.

And I will.

my host home

my host home

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