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Photo Credit: Emma Salisbury

This blog is a compilation of my  journal writings from my experiences volunteering in Honduras, building schools and teaching ESL (English as a Second Language).

Some people see things black and white; people are either idealists or realists. I’m a realistic person who wants to make the ideal happen—and I will carry out my plans with practicality, hard work, and a constant awareness that failure is common but not inevitable.

I’m a believer that words inspire action. Hopefully my stories will move you to get your hands on a project, a cause, and into the hands of others, who are reaching for help.

This is a call to hands.

-Hilary Lawch

To read about my current and future plans with ESL, check out my ESL blog here: www.thelinguaphiles.wordpress.com

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One thought on “About The Blog

  1. Loyal whiteside

    Hilary, I am so proud of you. I know you will make a great name for yourself. Can hardly wait to see this all happen when you finish your education. I know you will be a great help to mankind, God will bless you for your work with the needy. Paps

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